This is the story of five ESSEC students who wanted to launch a new wave of Alumni Quest. They decided to fly to Vietnam to interview and meet the more Alumni they would find.

Why Vietnam ? On the campus, they had already heard of Vietnam Paradiso, a recent movie by an Essec Alumni. Then they came across Marou, the best chocolate they ever tasted. This was also created by an Essec. This discovery was the beginning of the story. That's why they decided to begin their project in Vietnam, not far from Singapore where the new campus was opening.

But they didn't want it to be a single road trip. They wanted to share it, and as far as they could, they wanted to launch a new wave of Alumnis Quest : the Alumni Interviews Project was born.
They wanted to do it for all the ESSEC that would maybe live there one day, for the students for whom Asia was still a mystery and for the whole ESSEC community whose strength was to be linked all around the world !